"Somos todos viajantes de uma jornada cósmica, poeira de estrelas, girando e dançando nos torvelinhos e redemoinhos do infinito. A vida é eterna. Mas suas expressões são efêmeras, momentâneas, transitórias." Deepak Chopra

domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

IV Conferência Internacional de História da Religião - Santiago de Compostela


4 de novembro de 2010

Santiago de Compostela, 15-19 December 2010
This makes the fourth time, twice this century, that we make a call to historians across the world to pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela to debate on the discipline of history, the great events and historical processes that we are witnessing and the demands of other cultural, political and social subjects that have a part in the writing of history.
We will be looking at what the job of the historian should be like in the 21st century. New ways of working with the sources and theories, of orienting the didactics of history, of connecting with readers and viewers through new technologies. By developing new paradigms, networks and tendencies such as History under Debate and others that arise from the new realities of the century.
Contributing from the common ground of methodology, epistemology, historiography, immediate history and digital history to the indispensable defragmentation of an ancient science that seeks a new spring in the age of globalisations without giving up historiographic breakthroughs from the 20th century that are being reformulated.
Living academic history more globally and collectively means showing an concern for the shared present, contributing our historical knowledge to the understanding and evolution of the major issues of a global now that is increasingly determining to grasp the form and the content of the job of historians, and humanities and social sciences at large.

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